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10 Best Blogs to Follow About Print

Written by Dana Fowler Internal Marketing Coordinator

Over the years Midwest has found many good resources that have helped us with various print projects. We have shared some of our favorite blog posts on our LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, and we have finally put together a list of our favorite blogs.

Here are the top ten blogs we follow about print:



1.  Printing Impressions has so many blog posts it is hard to tell where to start. They offer topics form binding, to data management, to digital printing. They cover it all with their knowledgeable staff, so you can trust the information you are reading.


print mag


2. Print Magazine is where we find information on more design-heavy print. Here we can find inspiration for print projects we are working on by seeing what others are doing. They also feature articles on how to design specifically for print.



3.  Print Media Center is a compilation of other print blogs and original writing to create a “universe” of print known as printerverse. Along with the blog they also have a podcast that helps their readers and listeners create the best print products. They’re also a favorite because they feature our blog! (Find us on the Industry RSS feed)



4. The WhatTheyThink blog offers real-time news on all things that can affect anything involving print. They strive to keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on in all parts of the print industry by offering data, commentary, hosting webinars and more.



5. InkOnDaPaper is one of the blogs you will commonly see us share on our LinkedIn feed. They have many insightful blogs about print for direct mail, design, how-to articles and more. They share insights into the side of print our industry doesn’t typically see.



6. Mohawk blog is a colorful site to feature their carefully crafted paper. Their blog features how their papers are used for print as well as announcing new collections. The blog offers great inspiration and direction on how to use print to your advantage.



7. Two Sides blog is out to show the world that print is not a bad thing. There are many conceptions about print that Two Sides seeks to dispel through their writings. They offer great articles about the benefits print can offer alongside other marketing efforts.



8. PrintWeek offers news updates on how the print industry is functioning around the world. The blog helps readers stay up to date with what is happening in the print world as well as hunt for jobs in the industry.



9. Mailing Systems Technology is a blog for all things mail and mail piece design. They also have a print subscription so readers can receive well designed mail information every two months. In addition, they often feature our very own Gary Seitz from the data department here at Midwest.



10. Xerox is synonymous with print, so it is not surprising that they have their own blog. They offer tips and tricks on how print should be processes as well as fun articles on metallic ink printing and the use of color. The Xerox blog is a good place to look for inspiration and print insights.



Bonus: Last, but not least is Midwest Direct! Though we started as a presort company we have transitioned into doing almost all things marketing, which includes print. With our expanded print capabilities we have been talking about in on our blog a lot. 

Check out our resources page to see a list of our favorite blog posts, or contact us to get started printing with Midwest Direct.  

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