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Offline or online, we deliver your print, mail + digital marketing messages to inspire your customers.


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Midwest Direct is an expert at creating and delivering print, mail and digital communications and has a team dedicated to each part of multichannel message creation and delivery.


One thing you will see all over our website is the + symbol. What does it mean? The + means more, and that is what you get!


More message creation and delivery services. More impact. More satisfaction. And fewer headaches.

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Presort+ sorts mail by ZIP code making it easier and faster to process. We help you mail more efficiently and decrease postage costs.

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Print+ will transform your message into a personalized communication that will evoke action.

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Mail+ ensures your message is created, produced, assembled and delivered. We’ll get your mail project done and done right.

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Data+ will clean and optimize your data, or acquire data for you, and ensure that it allows your message to be delivered accurately and efficiently.

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Digital+ will deliver your message to a connected world and help you reach, inspire, influence and motivate your customers.

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If you need creative services, Design+ will help you craft a compelling message that will get results.

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Check out how Midwest Direct’s creative services go to work for our clients.

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Inspiring and insightful. Check out our latest musings on our blog.

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Our comprehensive services will help get your messages and communications created and delivered. We will optimize your data (or acquire data for you), help create your message, assemble it and deliver it to your customers. The end result: we will help you get the results you are seeking.


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