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There’s a new email channel available through the USPS that empowers you to land your mailed communications directly in your recipients inbox on the same day.

Leverage the reach and consumer trust with the USPS by adding your marketing message to Informed Delivery. 

A few fun facts about Informed Delivery

  • These are email addresses your recipients' trust to the USPS
  • The open rate is over 60% daily
  • Your emails will appear on the day that individual’s mail arrives rather than one big email blast to multiple consumers
  • It’s a REALLY affordable channel (seriously, you won’t believe how easy it is to add this in)
  • The USPS runs promotions with Informed Delivery with offers as high as 2% off the postage due for qualifying campaigns -- be sure to ask us if there’s a special running during your mailing!


Learn how to add this valuable new email channel to your next mailing. Download our Informed Delivery How-To Guide and learn how to integrate your mail and email communications further.

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